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History of Jeweled Cross

Humble Beginnings

Jeweled Cross was founded in 1923 by James Brennan, an electroplater for a Providence manufacturing company. Brennan sat down at his kitchen table to fashion a crucifix to be presented to the friend of a friend - a nun named Sister Mary Ennis. It was no ordinary crucifix - inlaid in the wooden cross were 1,300 tiny rhinestones, which, in the glow of the candlelight on an altar, emitted a marvelous aura.

A priest witnessed this phenomenon and declared that he had to have such a crucifix for himself. James Brennan was happy to do so and soon found himself filling an increasing flow of orders for the unusual piece, primarily for use in the funeral industry. It was then that Jeweled Cross Company came to life.

Jeweled Cross Products

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The Legacy Continues

More than 90 years later, Jeweled Cross has expanded its line from that single item to thousands of unique and special items. Crucifixes, crosses, rosaries, statues, medals, and religious jewelry are among some of them.

The company came under new ownership in early 2014 and has every intention of keeping the classic roots while also expanding and creating new and exciting products.

Jeweled Cross markets its products to stores and distributors, as well as religious retailers such as St. Paul's Cathedral in New York, San Juan Capistrano in California, and the St. Augustine shrine in Florida.

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Jeweled Cross sells direct to retailers across the world.

To learn more about our product lines or to become a retailer, please call (508) 699-4401 or click here to send us an email.

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